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AAC maintains a database of email addresses & mobile numbers for newsletters and other important communications. 

If you get a new phone or a new email address, don't let that stop you receiving newsletters and other AAC information.

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This database is used for email & SMS purposes and is not the official membership database for any project. If you change your address or phone number, please advise your project.

This database is owned by Australain Alpine Club National Executive and hosted by ImpactData Pty Ltd. It may be used by AAC National or any of the AAC projects to contact you.

AAC Membership

The Australian Alpine Club is a federation of individual snow sports clubs located in the alpine resorts of Victoria, NSW and Hokkaido. The strength of the AAC lies in the fact that members of affiliated AAC projects can book into the other AAC member lodges at favorable rates.

When you join the AAC, you join a particular club (one of the five listed). That means you are a member of that club and a reciprocal member of the other AAC clubs. All AAC members receive a booking sheet that explains in detail the cost for booking at each lodge, any particular requirements for that lodge and how to book.

Joining an AAC affiliated lodge provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the financial and social benefits of being part of a non commercial snow sports club. AAC projects welcome membership inquiries.



Dinner Plain

Falls Creek



AAC Governance

AAC Council

AAC Council consists of an Executive and delegates of the projects (lodges).

Each project elects two delegates, normally including the chairman/president of each project.

The president has a vote plus a casting vote.

AAC Executive

The Executive is elected by AAC Council. Current members are:

 President   Ian Farrow  
 Vice President  Peter Esdale  
 Secretary  David Perry  
 Treasurer  Wendy Bartel  


Australian and overseas snowsports clubs interested in joining or establishing a relationship with the Australian Alpine Club (AAC) should contact the President.