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Anton Huette (Hotham) Rates 2024

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All rates are per person per day

Winter Peak (daily)

• Sun 4 Aug - Sat 24 Aug   
  Member AAC / Assoc Guest
Week^ Adult 70 84 147
Child 70 84  147 
Midweek* Adult 82 98 164
Child 82 98 164
Weekend~#Adult 115 136 201
Child 115 136 201
Midweek Night*# Adult 115 136 176
Child 115 136 176
^ Week is 7 nights Sun-Sat

* Midweek is 5 nights Sun-Thur M

~ Weekend is Fri & Sat
# Min 2 nights 
Anton Sports Week is 21-27 July. It has a $375 surcharge to cover lessons and race course expenses


Winter Shoulder (daily)

• Sun 23 Jun -  Sat 3 Aug
• Sun 25 Aug - Sat 7 Sep
  Member AAC / Assoc Guest
Week^ Adult 64 76 132
Child 32 38 65
Midweek* Adult 74 88 147
Child 37 44 74
Weekend~# Adult 103 122 181
Child 51 61 90
Midweek Night*# Adult 103 122 158
Child 51 61 79
^ Week is 7 nights
* Midweek is Sun-Thur
~Weekend is Fri & Sat
# Min 2 nights
AAC interclub race weekend is 6-7 Sep


Winter Off Peak (daily)

• Fri 7 Jun -  Sat 22 Jun
• Sun 8 Sep - Sat 28 Sep
  Member AAC / Assoc Guest
Week^ Adult 46 54 100
Child 23 27 50
Midweek* Adult 52 62 106
Child 26 31 53
Weekend~# Adult 74 86 138
Child 37 43 69
Midweek Night*# Adult 74 86 138
Child 37 43 69
^ Week is 7 nights
* Midweek is Sun-Thur
~Weekend is Fri & Sat
# Min 2 nights



  • 29 Sep - 5 Jun 2025
Non-winter booking availability may be intermittent and will be subject to committee approval. Please contact the booking agent to discuss your request.

Entry & Exit Times - Anton 2024

Day of Arrival 3pm
Day of Departure 10am


"Check-out" means all room and kitchen storage to be emptied. All luggage must be removed from the lodge

Booking Officer - Anton 2024

Online bookings via:
Alan Long
Phone: 0409 417 253 Mon-Fri 6:30pm-8:30pm
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anton Huette (Hotham) Booking Information 2024

These rules will apply at Anton to the extent of any difference with other quoted AAC policies.


Online booking into Anton is available to Anton and AAC members for themselves, accompanying family and guests.
Bookings can only be made by financial members and all communication and confirmation is via email, so your email address must be kept current in the system.

Booking Payment

Online bookings are credit or debit card only. No bookings will be held without payment. If you cannot pay by credit or debit card, EFT can only be arranged via the Booking Agent.

Only one credit card can be used per booking, where payment needs to be split over several cards, a separate booking needs to be made for each card used.
Once the booking has been made, an invoice will be emailed to the member for immediate payment. Failed payments, or those not made within 24 hours will cancel the booking.


If at the time you want to book there are no beds available, you can select ‘waitlist’ at step one of the booking process. If there is a cancellation you will be advised and offered the booking.

Sports Week Bookings

A non-refundable surcharge is applicable to ‘Sports Week’ bookings to pay for the week’s ski lessons and race operations. This charge is applicable to all members and guests staying at Anton during that week. If you haven’t selected the surcharge for each person in your booking (at step 2 of the booking process), your booking will have the status ‘Waitlisted’, pending review and authorization if applicable, by the booking officer.

Summer Bookings

Any summer booking inquiries should be directed to our Booking Agent, Alan Long.

Cancellation Policy.

  • 28 or more days notice = 75% credit
  • 27 or less days notice = no credit
  • Members can cancel their bookings online, or by contacting the Booking Officer. The booking system will apply the applicable credit to the Members account.
  • You can book with confidence. Cancellations activated by the club in response to official government restrictions for Covid 19 will be credited in full.
  • Applications for cancelled booking refunds must be made in writing to the Anton Committee prior to the end of the season and include a copy of the booking system cancellation acknowledgement email.

Booking priority opening dates for weekend (Friday & Saturday nights) and short ( 2-4 days) midweek bookings:

  • Full Members: 28 days in advance
  • Associate Members and AAC Reciprocal bookings: 16 days in advance
  • Guests: 15 days in advance

Shared Room Bookings

The rooms considered as “Shared Rooms” are:

  • Rooms with 2 x single beds: 1, 11, 14
  • Rooms with 1 x double & 1 x single bed: 8, 9
  • Rooms with 4 x single beds: 7,15,16

In the traditional spirit of a club lodge, these rooms are designed to provide flexibility and access for those who come to the lodge on their own or in groups that may not fill a shared room to its capacity.
To make achieving your booking requirements easier and respecting the needs of others, the availability charts will now show gender and age of any guest already booked in.

An individual member (1 person in the booking and booking first in that room) can book themselves into a “Shared Room” and the remaining beds may be booked by other people at any time thereafter with the following NEW conditions:

  • The gender of adult persons or children over 12 will not be mixed without express agreement of the persons who booked first and relevant parent/guardian if applicable. This is the responsibility of the member who books second. This is achieved by contacting the booking officer in advance.
  • Children under 12 and persons over 12 of either gender will not be mixed without express agreement of the persons who booked first and relevant parent/guardian if applicable. This is the responsibility of the member who books second. This is achieved by contacting the booking officer in advance.
  • Unrelated children under 12 may be of mixed genders.

Other Booking Rules

  • Minimum stay 2 nights
  • Maximum booking 3 weeks
  • 4 guests per member
  • Free rate anytime for Child Under 4 is dependent on the child sleeping in porta cot or similar in double room where both bed places are booked and paid for by parents/guardians.
    Child Under 4 free rate does not apply to bunk rooms. All other children pay Child rates.
  • Members are responsible for the behaviour of their children and guests.
    • An adult member must accompany members and guests who are under 18
    • Age and gender must be entered for each guest on any booking

Accommodation inclusions

All Winter Booking rates include

  • Provision of linen (fitted bottom sheet, doona cover, pillow case, bath towel and mat). No opt out possible.
  • All bedroom cleaning provided by lodge managers. No opt out possible.
  • Continental Breakfast items provided

Summer booking rates do not include cleaning, linen or breakfast material

Winter booking process will facilitate 2 optional extra services via outside providers at negotiated concessional rates. Payment will be between user and service provider.

  • Over snow luggage delivery
  • Grocery delivery and put away service
  • See Anton web site or booking confirmation email for more information