Priority  Category Tariff Rate

Opening of Bookings for Winter Week & 5 Night Midweek*

 1st Members booking themselves in their own lodge# Member 1 Feb
 2nd AAC members booking in other lodges# ^ AAC 1 March
 3rd Spouse or children of member accompanied by that member in own lodge Guest 8 March
 4th Non-member guests accompanied by member Guest 15 March

* Niseko bookings open from 1 April. At Dinner Plain bookings of any duration up to 14 days may be made during the priority period.

# Dinner Plain booking is for exclusive use of a room; guests may be booked into the room with the member or AAC member

^ At Anton, Anton Associate Members have same opening dates as AAC members


  • All lodges: No smoking. No pets
  • All 1st priority bookings made in the 1 priority period have equal priority. Then all bookings are taken in order of receipt.
  • Midweek, for booking priority purposes, is five nights, Sunday to Thursday, at Anton, Dinner Plain and Falls Creek. Perisher 4 night (Sunday to Wednesday) and 3 night (Thursday to Saturday) are equivalent. Individual lodges may accept different booking start days/durations after the initial booking priority period. Dinner Plain also allows other complying bookings in the booking priority period, see lodge details for further information.
  • Weekend minimum booking: Friday and Saturday nights (no single nights) 
  • Refer to lodge details or booking officer for opening of bookings for summer and winter stays other than 7 or 5 nights beginning Sunday
  • Refer to lodge details for variations: ie children's rates etc
  • Rates from Friday of Queen's Birthday Weekend (NSW & Vic) except where noted for individual lodges
  • Restrictions on age of children for family booking priority may vary at individual lodges
  • All prices include GST (except Niseko).